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MY WORD ABOUT 2012 by EJ Ouellette
It occurred to me the other day that I really hadn’t given my prophetic opinion for 2012. With all the strangeness out there and so many opinions I really hadn’t given my ideas and prophetic insight regarding the Mayan calendar and the coming planet Nibiru.
Here it is.

I personally believe that the world will not end in Dec 2012. I definitely think we are going through some catastrophic events for the next couple of years including massive earthquakes and tsunamis. There will be a massive loss of life. Also in my opinion, we will be reduced to a pioneer way of life. No electricity no gasoline and no heat for our homes. That also means no Internet, no cell phones. The manufacturing sector will totally collapse. The US dollar will be worth nothing.

Any event of a catastrophic nature will cause a revival to take place. The Lord showed me countless sleeper spies that he has been supernaturally preparing for this time of upheaval on the earth. The Lord himself will feed and care for His people during this time and will lead them. This will be a time of great faith and even persecution for the church. He has his leaders picked out and He knows when the time is right to send them forth. I know many people have waited for this time and He himself has purified you by many circumstances.

Coincidently, Planet X also called Nibiru was spotted by NASA in the early 60s and predicted it would take 50 years for it to arrive at earth. Its 52 years now and can now be seen quite clearly with the naked eye. They now believe its really a burnt out star complete with planets rotating around it. It swings around our solar system every 3600 years. History provides us with some catastrophic events that re-enforce this fly by scenario. In fact at this time they don’t believe it will be a fly by but will make contact with earth on December 2012. NASA has remained quiet about this impending disaster and quite simply denied its catastrophic capabilities. In the early 60s when it was first reported, they did not deny this but later it was hushed up. This dwarf star or planet is 6 times larger than earth and can be seen in almost any hemisphere now during sunset in the west or from the Antarctic.

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