Saturday, June 8, 2013


Recently I was listening to a recent popular speaker and was taken back by a major doctrinal error on his part. It seems, this guy is altering the word, and the only reason I see for him to alter Gods word, is for his own benefit. Seeking the glory of men is a dangerous cliff to hang from.
He claims quite clearly he has seen Gods face when in fact he has seen the face of Jesus. Any person whether sinner or not can see Jesus’ face, its pretty much up to Jesus, that’s why he came, to set the sinner free. But to twist Gods word regarding what Jesus spoke (He who has seen me has seen the Father) is clearly twisting scripture. Jesus clearly meant that He was His Father’s representative (like a lawyer in court) and that he fully had all authority given to Him by His Father.

Only a handful of people in all of creation have ever seen the Father, Moses himself was only allowed to see the form of Him and from the back.

To deceive baby Christians who don’t know or understand the word is very dangerous and these people teaching doctrines of demons will be surely dealt with.

EJ Ouellette