Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Dream Tuesday, November 27, 2012
Dreamt I saw myself in field hung on a cross. I was high up and on a grassy mound. My head had also been decapitated but was hung just above my open neck. Blood was streaming down the front of my open shirt and it looked as if I had been badly beaten. I seemed to be still alive which was amazing. I knew my friends and family had put me there somehow for trying to save them from the coming judgments of God. I felt so honored in fact to be sacrificed like the prophets of old and Jesus for trying to save them and at the same time felt so bad for the judgments they have already received and will receive for their persecution against me and all those God sent to them. Almost everyone I knew came against me for trying to save them. God was showing me from His perspective and how it was an incredible honor to be persecuted for following Jesus and not give into the counterfeit Christians.
I felt also that their one and true God the Almighty Dollar was about to crash and become totally worthless.
EJ Ouellette

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