Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The coming revival. Some revelations the Lord gave me.

Today I was pondering some prophecies I received over several years. Sometimes God reminds me a lot of things that he told me over the years and they fit together like a big puzzle. Some of the puzzle pieces came as dreams others were revelations given to me in the night and some came as Rhema words during other times. Lately I seem to be running in to the dumbest of people. I can only equate the conversation to having a blind man tell me there's no such thing as color. I mean how do you answer to that? But often in the church of today that's exactly what it's like when God reveals to you some hidden things that he only tells those who are close to him. When I inquired of the Lord about the futility of the situation he showed me something that he has shown me many times in the past. I saw Jesus coming on a donkey, and only the children recognized whom he was. This is a constant reminder to me that he was invisible to the Pharisees and they were prevented from seeing who He really was and is, He did this on purpose because what he had and has was meant for the children and not for the brood of Vipers. Time and time again I have seen this principle repeated and seen the children enter in while the adults completely missed the boat. In the end, the marriage supper of the Lamb and those who were invited made excuses to why they couldn't come. God had shown me many times that the end time revival would be about God's love. That for the first time in a major outpouring, God's people would feel the manifest love of God. But exactly like at the marriage supper of the Lamb those that were invited won't even enter in and will reject this outpouring and say it is of the devil. This revival will be dominated by children and young people that will ignore these religious spirits and fall headfirst head-over-heels in love with the Lord. In essence this group will be the bride of Christ. A bride totally smitten and won't care what others think. They will be given understanding that the others couldn't come close to grasping. They will know who they are in the Lord and will be unmovable in him. It will be a Song of Solomon relationship. These children won’t be manipulated nor will their relationships be half hearted. They will jump in with both feet, not caring what the Pharisees (Christian Fundamentalists) of the day say. In fact the world will jump in before they do as in the marriage supper. “Go into the streets and find whoever will come”

EJ Ouellette

Sunday, August 23, 2015

John Oliver Exposed the Mega-Church Conmen—How the IRS Lets Them Get Away with It

John Oliver’s segment on televangelist prosperity preachers this week has exposed what some say is a massive system of fraud that is being carried out on vulnerable people with no government enforcement or oversight.
Oliver’s HBO show Last Week Tonight highlighted some egregious examples, including Robert Tilton, Mike Murdock and Creflo Dollar. Dollar came under scrutiny for raising money to buy himself a $65 million personal jet. Murdock boasted to his parish that he bought a jet with cash, and because he could sense so much jealousy, he bought another one worth three times more, again with cash.
The preachers are subscribers to something called “prosperity gospel,” a suspiciously self-serving idea that wealth is a sign of God’s favor. They tell followers that sending them money will result in receiving money, for which of course, there is no guarantee in the real world.

“Really the best way to say it is, it’s fraud in the name of God, but because it’s in the name of God our legal system turns a blind eye,” said Andrew Seidel, staff attorney for the Freedom From Religion Foundation. “It’s a religious pyramid scheme. And worse, it’s a religious pyramid scheme that’s based on spiritual blackmail.”

Monday, August 3, 2015

September 21 – The One with the Soiled Sheet - Message from Nexus in Kitchener by Brad

Ive been attending a local congregation lately and the Speaker (Brad Watson) is constantly blowing me away with highly original way of bringing light to everyday life. I have never heard anything like this in my life. After years of frustration of feeling like I was going to kindergarten every sunday and had totally given up on finding something real I found this local place through a friend. I have personally met with Brad and have found him to be absolutely genuine. A very humble guy that is completely real. I challenge you to hear one of his own messages embedded here.