Saturday, July 21, 2012


Dream 2012-07-21
Dreamed I was in an older traditional church. Large tall stained glass windows dominated the end walls and dark wood pews showed their age. We went in some back room talking about something we could do to bring in the people. We were discussing putting on some kind of play. I fitted a costume on of an angel and decided to fly around the room. Even though no one else could fly, no one thought it was a big deal that I could! This shocked me, but they didn’t even pay attention to it and just ignored me.  I felt frustrated and sat down, listening to their useless proposals.

A small group of children came running in and only I paid attention to them. They were screaming "they caught a monster". They truly seemed scared and wanted me to go with them. I followed after the kids as they led me down into a dark basement. Just below my feet, as I stood on the stairs was what looked to be a giant Sasquatch chained up. He was grunting and trying to shake off the chains. I was a little scared and I was shocked these kids were able to chain him up. I had some piece of heavy metal in my hand and thought to drop it on his head. I swallowed hard and dropped the heavy object, hoping it would work. The monster fell to the floor and a huge gash appeared in his head. I felt like David with Goliath and even smiled. As the monster hit the floor he rolled over and looked at me with tears in his eyes and asked me “why”. I felt like a knife went through my heart and suddenly was filled with compassion for this monster. I ran down the stairs toward him and decided to pray. I shouted, “In the Name of Jesus be made whole”. I shouted it three times and each time he seemed to get better and better until he turned into a man. I could see several scars over his body from what I thought were war wounds. He looked like a war veteran that had been grossly neglected. I felt terrible about myself treating him like a monster. He finally stood up and there was a light on his aged face. He was beaming. He looked at me with a very humble expression almost not believing that God just healed him. Just then the people from upstairs that were discussing the play came down and gathered around the former monster and began to show him love and escorted him upstairs.

When I woke up I felt ashamed that I looked down on this person and didn’t immediately pray but instead tried to kill him.

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