Friday, August 5, 2011


The room was so vast I could not see the end. Thrones like bleachers at a stadium lined one side. Various people filled the thrones as far as the eye could see. I was in heaven, in the Judgment room. 

      I was so excited that I had made it and that I was sitting in one of the thrones. I was making a real fuss thinking I was so special and how wonderful I was. I noticed about two rows in front of me and slightly to the right was the back of Jesus sitting on his throne. He had longish hair and looked just like his picture. He slowly turned around to look at me. His stern eyes pierced my heart. I wanted to sink into my seat but I had no place to go. Several others close to him also turned around and looked at me. They all heard my thoughts. I just wanted to die. I felt such shame. I didn’t deserve to be here, I thought. I felt ashamed that I thought that somehow I qualified myself to be here. Jesus turned back and faced the front. 

      A beautiful young blond haired woman stood at a lectern across from Jesus on the lower floor. She never lifted her head but stared only at the floor. Behind her was a line of people that seemingly went on forever. Everyone’s countenance was one of dread. No one in that line lifted his or her heads. 

      I could hear the woman’s thoughts. She thought she could enjoy all the things of the world and do whatever she pleased and that she would be saved. She thought in fact that she could live with her feet in both kingdoms at the same time, Gods, and the worlds. I heard her say to the Lord, “Why didn’t someone warn me!” 

      I awoke at that point and felt terrible. I was sick to my stomach. I felt so convicted. Everything in me wanted to warn every Christian I could find. I wanted to be away from all the worlds glitter and false glory. I didn’t want to be swayed and follow the world Rich’s but God alone.

      These people were clearly those who followed the false prosperity gospel. I knew many people, even in the church that I went to, that worshipped the things of the world but hardly knew God.

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