Friday, March 29, 2013

Meteorites & Tidal Waves

Meteorites & Tidal Waves
Belinda Anderson - 3/19/13
(David’s notes in red)
I had a short dream this morning and then an unusual event took place this morning, as well.  I'm praying for interpretation.

I dreamed I was in bed asleep, when I was awakened at 2:30 AM (in the dream) by an angel of the Lord.  He said to me, "Get up and go outside and look up in the sky."  So I got up and went outside.  I went down by the lake over to the left side of the property, away from the tall trees, and looked up into the eastern sky.  As soon as I looked up, I saw a large fireball streaking across the sky, going east to west toward the Gulf.  I immediately ran back to the house and got the telephone and called Brother David.  As I was dialing Brother David, I went back outside to watch the fireball.  When David answered the phone, I said, "Brother David, this is Belinda Anderson and I need to tell you something very important. There is a fireball in the sky and I know it's going to get Florida." (I didn't say it was going to "hit" Florida. I said it was going to "get" Florida.)  "Wait, David. There's more.  Wow!  The sky is littered with them!" (Meaning fireballs.)  "Brother David, will you agree with me in prayer?"  I began to pray Psalm 91.  Then I asked, "David, can you see them in Tennessee? Can you see them in Tennessee?"  Then I woke up.

The angel's voice did not sound threatening, nor did I feel threatened or alarmed in the dream.  I just knew I had to report to Brother David what I was witnessing, like somehow David would understand and possibly he could see them as well.

Meteorites will “hit” the Gulf of Mexico, causing a tidal wave (tsunami) to sweep over Florida.  I have known this since the mid 1990s and that it would kill many, many people but have never known when. We are obviously drawing closer. There will also be a more permanent invasion of the coasts with water possibly due to Planet X. Another thing that is going to happen to send waters in places it haven’t gone since the flood is a shift of the earth on its axis, causing one-third of the visible stars to fall below the horizon or appear to fall to the earth in the "Day of the Lord." This is also a sign of the reprobation of one-third of star glory Christians at that time. [Revelation 6:13,14; 12:4; Matthew 24:29; Isaiah 13:13; Job 38:13; Isaiah 24:18-20]