Monday, May 6, 2013


I was in the sound business for many years and we had a joke about untangling mic cables. If you neatly roll up two mic cables and put them in opposite sides of the room when you return an hour later they will be all tangled up in the middle. It seemed you spent more time untangling cables than in the actual event.
I was out for my early morning walk today when God began to speak to me. Now he doesn’t speak in words necessarily but more remembrances of dreams and situations that come to my mind. I then look at them with some kind of resolve. I see how each of these situations effected my life and what they mean in the big scheme of things. I remembered this old joke about the tangled up cables when the Lord began to speak to me. When I go for these prayer walks and spend my time in prayer its like I am untangling the situations in my life and resolving all the unknown things I sometimes worry about. If I leave it too long the pile of cables get bigger and more tangled and then it takes longer to resolve all the stuff. When I go for these walks old dreams come up and I can discern their meanings. I see how the Lord was telling me or warning me of stuff along the way. 
When I had gone to heaven and met with the Father back in 2002 I distinctly heard an old song when I cam back “He walks with me and talks with me and tells me I’m his own” I know that its true and we walk together daily. Nothing comes as a surprise to me. Before any event that rises in my life He has already told me during our time together.
EJ Ouellette