Thursday, March 1, 2012

THE HIGH COST OF TRUE DISICPLESHIP. By EJ Ouellette Dream from March 1998

Dream 1998-03-15
I was living in Penetanguishene Ontario Canada when I had a very vivid dream.
I dreamt I was standing in an open field with my two young children. Off in the distance I saw a huge wall of flames approaching us. Satan's face was huge in the flames and was laughing maniacally as this giant wall of flames was bearing down on us. With my children in my hands I turned around to run away from the flames and Satan. The ground opened up before me and I jumped into a big hole. We crouched down expecting that the flames could not touch us in there. The voice of the Lord came like a trumpet from heaven and he spoke to me "Satan is trying to take out your children through fire. Call all your friends to pray. Satan believes that if he could kill your children you would abandon me".
I awoke at that point and immediately began to pray. It was early in the morning I think about 7 AM and I called my friends in Virginia and told them about the dream and what happened and asked them if they would pray. My children were not with me at the time and as the day wore on I felt a sick feeling in my stomach regarding their welfare. Eventually I called them and said I was going to come and get them later that day. I drove the hundred miles or so to come and pick them up and brought them back home to my place in Penetanguishene. I continued to pray as the day wore on and wondered if it was just my imagination. Early in the morning I was awoken by a phone call. My children's aunt was on the phone asking if the children were with me. She went on to tell me that late last night their house exploded and burned to the ground. Absolutely nothing was left. If the children were in the house at the time they would've perished for sure as the explosion took place just under their bedroom in the garage. My ex-wife escaped without a scratch. It seems my son's truck had leaked the gas from his tank and the furnace had ignited the fumes and blew up the house. The garage door was found in the park across the street. It was a brand new townhouse and the houses on either side were also badly damaged.  Had I not been obedient to God and taken my children they would not be alive today. I had been warned many times in the past about Satan trying to kill me but until this day I did not see how he was so adamant about preventing me from preaching the gospel in this day and age where the Gospel has been highly compromised.

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