Wednesday, March 7, 2012


IN the late 90s I received so many dreams about the coming holocaust to America and the great depression to the world that it almost became impossible for me to travel to the US. When I did actually go to the US, I made plans to be there for at least five weeks and ended up coming back after only one week. Fear would grip me and the vivid images from my dreams would fill my mind. Many of the dreams I had were the result of the nuclear attacks on America and watching the flesh being ripped off of their bodies. Human skeletons walking around like zombies looking for food and shelter only to be shot and killed for the little they had. The images I saw were every bit as horrific as the Holocaust with the Jews. Seeing millions and millions of people being buried and thrown into giant pits was so disturbing it was difficult to sleep for a long periods of time.

Few people know this story but three prophets went out to all of Europe warning the Jews to get out of Europe. They were warned to flee back to their homeland where they would be safe but none wanted to, as they would have had to leave their belongings behind. Their precious paintings, diamonds and homes bound them and their lust for material things kept them from leaving. They scoffed at the three prophets who told him to get out and even told them to go back to the Middle-east. No one would listen to three prophets and eventually they did go back and I assume they lived unlike many others who refused to listen. This is one story you wont find in the history books.

Well I certainly feel like these guys did. And actually any other prophets that have been warning people to get ready for the great Apocalypse that is coming upon the US. They been shunned and rejected from normal prophetic streams just for warning the people and trying to get them to repent. But the truth is, none would.

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