Friday, September 16, 2011


DREAM: AUG 2009 EJ Ouellette
In my dream I was sitting at a picnic table in the yard of a Pastor I knew personally. He was sitting right across from me and seemed very nervous about something. He seemed angry at me as I was opposing his “prosperity teachings” and I was calling them doctrines of demons.
I was getting nowhere but he still seemed distracted and kept looking  across his yard. I looked to see what had him occupied and I saw Jesus having a discussion with some irate workman.
They seemed to be putting an addition on the house and there was a dispute about something. Jesus kept listening to the workmen and he seemed agitated with what they were telling him. Jesus kept looking over at the pastor I was sitting with and looked very displeased with him.
Jesus then abruptly turned and started towards our picnic table with obvious anger. I looked in Jesus' hand and noticed a club and written on the handle were the words Rod of Judgment’. 
Jesus was holding the rod very firmly in His Left hand as he stomped towards us. I knew he was angry but I was not sure why. The pastor I was with suddenly changed his tune from a false “prosperity message” to the true Gospel. He began talking like he knew he needed to live a surrendered life and that his lust for power and wealth was from Satan.
As he saw Jesus was getting closer he started to cry and openly repented of his blatant sin. Jesus stopped immediately and instantly forgave him. I burst into tears seeing how forgiving Jesus was. Jesus turned and went back to the angry workman and dropped his Rod of Judgment on the way.
When the Pastor saw that Jesus forgave him he immediately recanted everything he just spoke to me and went back to his false doctrines of the prosperity message. I saw Jesus turn and listen to his false repentance but he made no move. I got angry at this jerk abusing Gods grace like this. I knew Jesus heard it all and that one day he would receive a far greater Judgment that the one he just averted.

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