Tuesday, September 20, 2011


In 1997 I was with my wife and daughter in a campground in Ontario. God had told me to take my daughter to Canada because she could not cut the umbilical cord that still joined her to her mother. God emphasized it was her only hope to get free of her narcissistic mother and live her own life. He also went on to say that it would take a couple of years of separation to accomplish this. During the time we stayed at this campground I had several life changing prophetic dreams and encounters with God. This is one story from that time.
            I dreamed it was nighttime and I was standing in a field. I could only see a few feet in front of me and the grass was very high. I looked in every direction to see where I was but was unable to find any landmarks. Suddenly a voice from heaven like a trumpet called down to me in my lonely field. It was unlike any sound I’ve ever heard before. It seemed to come from high up yet there was no echo. It was also very loud and it had a sound like someone talking through a megaphone. I must say I was not in a very good place with God at the time and was extremely discouraged. My wife and I had been fighting a lot but I didn’t know why. She seemed to constantly be picking fights with me for no reason. I was constantly in prayer over the issue but felt God was ignoring my pleas. I was very discouraged and didn’t know what to do.
            God shouted “Art thou Elijah”
The word he spoke stung deep. Was God mocking me? Or rebuking me? Times in the passed flashed through my mind when I felt God let me down. I wanted to cry when he asked me.
He shouted again “I want you to call down fire upon this land”.
I smirked when he said it and hoped he didn’t see. Nonetheless I quietly spoke “I command fire to fall upon this land”. I looked for a moment and waited but saw nothing. I was about to complain when I started to hear a rumbling like thunder in the skies. Suddenly without any warning the sky lit up with fire that resembled a tornado and shot straight down on the field where I was standing. The fire wrapped around me without touching me in the slightest and shot out in all directions covering the entire area. I could see clearly I was standing on my In-laws farm in Virginia. I swallowed hard wondering what had I done.
I awoke at this point and felt kind of fearful not sure what to expect next. Two days later our phone rang and my wife was obviously talking with her mother. My wife turned to me and asked, “Did you curse my parents land?”.
I was stunned. It was definitely not what I expected. Later I heard, a barrage of events were happening to them that were quite outstanding one of which was of biblical proportions. A drought hit the area that was so bad they were forced to sell all their cattle since they could not feed them. The cattle prices in Virginia dropped to 60 cents a pound. People could barely give away their livestock. Numerous other things took place in their household that I was not privy too until years later.
I cried out to God wondering why he wanted me to call down fire up my In-laws land and this is what he showed me through numerous dreams. The reason my wife and I were constantly fighting was because they were calling her constantly trying to entice her to move back to Virginia. They would use guilt and shame and whatever demonic influences they could to bring her back. My mother in laws narcissistic personality only cares about itself and not the damage it does to her own child. Until I heard this from God I had no idea this was the cause of our fighting as my wife had kept it quiet. 
I was sick to my stomach when God spoke to me “I am driving a wedge between them – my mother in law and father in law - and I will give to them what they gave to you. I will send her to a hot scorched land where she will find my wrath.”
All of it happened exactly as God spoke it. She indeed separated and moved to Florida. Destroying my family along the way and never repenting of all the damage that she had done.

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