Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Much to my dismay, I went to a local church last Sunday recommended by some locals. Basically the message was about how the Holy Spirit is dead today. The so called Pastor shot down prophecy, healing and other gifts that might be in use today by real Christians. I wanted to shoot him down. I started arguing with myself or maybe it was God I don’t know. When I go to the US the so-called Churches there preach the get rich schemes and the pulpits are filled by Satan himself. Other so-called churches are saturated with New-Age doctrines that essentially worship Satan.  Excuse me while I vomit…

OK I’m back now.  The only thing that keeps me going I think is the Vision God gave me of his wrath as he tears down everything man has constructed in the name of God and the only thing that will remain is what He built. Until I see these prodigal leaders dining with the pigs I will not sleep. Bring on the economic collapse…

EJ Ouellette

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