Thursday, September 1, 2011

DREAM of being taken captive by Russian troops Sept 1st-2011

Dream: Thursday, September 1, 2011 -by EJ Ouellette
Dreamt I was in the USA somewhere. Russian Troops took us captive. I was with someone else that I didn’t recognize. They were first just going to shoot us but instead decided to have fun with us. They brought us in to an abandoned building and searched our pockets. I didn’t want to die I thought to myself. They pulled from my pocket a small Christmas present that was wrapped with red paper. It read, from my sister Cathy. I realized it was near Christmas or after. They reached into my pocket and pulled out a Canadian $5 dollar bill and sorta sneered at it. The troops decided to put us in an empty building and were going to drop a bomb on us to kill us just for sport. They laughed to themselves but I was nearly crying. I regretted so much coming down to the US when I knew it was ripe for Judgment that would come without any notice.
            As usual it was an incredibly vivid dream and when I awoke I was sick to my stomach because it felt so real.

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  1. December 1, 2011
    Had a new revelation tonight regarding my dreams about the Russians attacking the US unexpectedly. I was watching the movie ‘Pearl Harbor’ tonight and several things’ hit me that I hadn’t thought about before.
    1.The attack came suddenly. (On a beautiful sunny day)
    2. It came right before Christmas like most of my dreams concerning the attack on the US from Russia.
    3. In the movie, the bombs that dropped made the same sound exactly as in my dreams. After they dropped they made a loud whining sound, which was a little propeller on the back. When the propeller stopped, then bomb exploded.


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