Wednesday, August 31, 2011


The pale-horses by EJ Ouellette
I was standing in an exotic, finely finished horse barn. Freshly painted white wood adorned its interior. The floors were clean and well swept. A huge blond muscular horse trotted in through the door with its majestic rider.
I am not normally afraid of horses but this one scared me. I backed up against the wall in its stall and feared it might kick me. It snorted wildly and pranced back and forth acting as if he were still ready to run. The horse’s body was perfect. I looked at it from the top to bottom. It was an angelic horse! Several more horses came in interrupting my study and their riders dismounted. The riders were obviously angels and looked very similar.
I spoke to one of the riders “Never have I seen such perfect horses. Do you think I could ride one?” The rider dropped his head and looked down. He looked upset with my question and replied, “You cannot ride one of these”. I felt bad for what I asked and I never spoke again. I noticed that all the riders seemed depressed and hung their heads down. They were obviously not happy about their ride. They looked as if they had lost a battle.
I awoke at that point and pondered the vision. I remembered that pale horses meant death and that these horses must have been angelic horses with angelic riders.
Later that day reported on the news was a great earthquake in China and over thirty thousand people perished. I knew instantly, that it was the work of the twelve pale horses and riders. These were the judgments of God.
God took me down a road of discovery and began to show me what His hand was doing in the world. I was packing to go to Toronto while I was in Virginia and the Lord spoke to me. “Don’t leave yet for I am about to wreak havoc on Canada”. I decided to stay a couple of days longer. The next day a huge ice storm hit the eastern part of the country and immobilized it. The power had gone off for many days in the coldest part of the winter. I would have gone right through it!
Another time I was up in Toronto staying at a campground. The presence of the Lord filled my motor home and the Lord spoke to me. “Come outside I want to talk to you”. I obliged him. I had only taken a few steps when the power of God knocked me to the ground. I could not stand at all and was on my knees. Jesus spoke to me. “What do you think of My American people?” I began to weep when He said this because I knew what He meant. I didn’t answer. He went on to say, “I have blessed them above all other nations. I gave them everything they wanted. They just turned and worshipped the very things I gave them”. He then asked me, “What should I do?” I replied, “Lord, you know”. I meant of course, there was only one thing left and that was judgment.
He replied with anger in His voice, “Indeed I am going to do a great shaking. I am going to send a great storm against the coast”.
Within one day of this statement, a hurricane developed off the coast. A couple of days later it hit the Carolinas and caused great flooding and destruction.
I sent out some prophetic words right before Sept 11th that Gods judgments were coming to the U.S. and that no amount of fasting and praying would stop His hand of Judgment. The Lord even came to me in a dream saying that it would escalate into war, but still no one listened. When Sept 11th did hit, I was in the state of New York at the time, just as in one of my dreams about God’s Judgments.
It was clear the people were under a delusion. Thousands of children are murdered everyday right under our noses and we will do more to stop a children’s book from getting into our children’s hands than stop this insanity. Our hands are covered in blood.

Friday, June 20, 2003
I dreamed I saw a globe of the world on the floor of this shabby house. As I got close to, it began to shake violently at least four feet off the floor. At this, I thought it must be the enemy doing it, so I began to rebuke it. I tried to open my mouth but was unable and could not rebuke it. It shook even more violently! I saw a small baby, naked and lying on the floor, in its hand, a cutting blade that was sharp like a razor.
This is what the Lord said when I awoke. “I am going to shake this world. No amount of prayer or fasting will stop My hand. I will not relent until the cries of the unborn have stopped. Apathy has taken over My people. They worry about Harry Potter and start big campaigns while innocent children are murdered everyday in the hands of these wicked people. Who has ever seen such insanity! My hand is coming against these nations that practice these detestable things. I will shake every nation!!”

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