Friday, September 2, 2011


The first time I heard about the forerunner spirit I got excited.  Somehow inside I felt called to that.  Little did I know that everyone was glorifying it including me. 
The forerunner spirit essentially is like John the Baptist.  And if I recall he lost his head over the deal.  Being a pioneer and forging through into new areas is a difficult task indeed.  The Lord gave me a dream once showing me that it's like trying to lift an old train off its tracks and put it on a new set of tracks. 
John the Baptist came at a time when sin was rampant everywhere.  Just like now.  The Pharisees of the day were part of the current corrupt church.  It was nothing more than big business, like many are now.  He came in a time that no one wanted to hear the truth but he gave it to them anyway.  Welcome to the prophetic.  We are in a time that no one wants to hear from us.  They only want to hear about good things, not judgment.  The forerunner spirit really is about repentance and the return of Christ.  Delivering negative prophecy is not an easy task.  Ask John, it cost him his life.  Many of the prophets of the Bible lost their lives trying to convince man to repent.  Many of the churches today glorify the prophetic person almost as a god on earth.  I've seen people swoon when the prophet comes in the door.  The Prophets waltz around in their silver suits, acting like you are so privileged to see them.  They drive their fancy cars and live in their wonderful houses, exploiting the sheep for everything they've got.  But then again, they're not really prophets.  Any prophet I have read about certainly didn't seem like them.  John the Baptist dressed in sackcloth if I recall.  I don't think sackcloth was a designer tunic back then.  I don't recall him having the latest tricked out camel or even a horse.  Jesus rode a borrowed donkey.  Ministry today is a far cry from what it should be.  Some are nothing more than big business, Giant tithing machines.
The forerunner spirit will be an army of prophets that are willing to die for their cause.  They cannot be compromised nor persuaded or bought for any price.  They have been tested in the fires and when only gold was left that's when God began to use them.  They will go forth and do the work of the Lord at any cost.  No two will be exactly alike.  Each will have his own cause and his own purpose and will follow the Lord wherever He leads them.    God will call them out from their wilderness experience and bring them into the world to do their work. 
I believe that the time is at hand.  I believe we are entering a new dimension in the church today.  It is now the time of the shedding away of the old and the birthing of the new.  Some people are calling this the Josiah generation.  This will be a time when the young people will be called forth to do the work.  Even children five and seven years old will be raising the dead.  They will be prophesying to leaders of this current administration.  Because of their innocence they have great potential in reaching the hearts of the unreachable.  Their purity will be their greatest asset.  The Lord himself will take their tongues and speak to this wicked generation.  There will be an army of young people operating in the full gifts of the Spirit.  They will not be compromised nor persuaded into wickedness.  These children do not have any agenda but will be on fire for the living God in a way this generation has never seen before.  Many adults will look from a distance but will not be allowed to enter in.  The Lord will take away their sickles and give them to the children, the faithful ones.
I had a dream that I was standing in the pulpit in a church.  The church was filled with every kind of people.  There were young people, middle-aged and older people.  But instead of a regular message I was teaching them to fly.  I began to lift up from the platform and told them “see how easy it is”. A few of the young people began to fly up from their seats.  Not one of the older people could fly.  A young girl was there and she was crying her eyes out.  She was saying “I can't do it, I can't do it” As I looked at her I could see her grandmother was holding her back in preventing her from flying.  I began to weep at this point and cried out to the Lord under my breath. It was clear that the previous generation is holding the young people back.
Flying is walking by faith.  No one in North America seems to know what this is about.  We are living in a time when the government is our provider.  Our families are our providers.  We do not understand what it's like to live by faith.  The Lord took me on long road for many years to teach me to live by faith.  Living by faith is flying like Peter Pan.  Children understand the concept far easier.  They can believe in things they don't see. The older people of our generation are more like doubting Thomases. They demand to see with their eyes.
Jesus said He is coming back to look for those with faith.  We live in a time where we don't need any faith.  We are entering into a new season in the church.  A great economic collapse is coming upon the whole world.  Those who walk by faith and trust in the Lord will be the survivors.  Those who understand these times will handle it far better.  Persecution is coming to the North American church.  It's something most North American Christians have never known.

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