Monday, August 29, 2011


I was walking through a farmer’s field when I saw a very old pickup truck. It had dents and scrapes and flat tires and had been neglected for a long time. Someone from behind me told me to fix up the truck. My heart sank as I thought this is way too much of an undertaking for me. This was beyond my ability. For some reason, I decided to rebuke all that was wrong with the truck using the name of Jesus. I was full of doubt at the time and had absolutely no faith whatsoever but nonetheless I rebuked it anyway. Instantly the truck began to heal itself. Dents popped out by themselves, tires inflated even fresh paint began to form on the exterior. I was astonished how could this be I thought to myself! I woke at this point I thought this was just some strange dream.
I was over at a friend’s house in Virginia when the phone rang. Someone that I didn't know heard about me and wondered if I would pray for her. She came over almost immediately. She had Georgia license plates on her car. As she began to talk my heart sank. Her life was an incredible mess and I wondered how it was possible for God to be able to help somebody like this. She was a prophetess and had been out working the field on her own for a long time. She reminded me of “The bruised reed” in Isaiah. It was beyond my faith level.
As she spoke I felt I had nothing I could offer her.  At the end of our time together we prayed, I gave her my prophetic book, and I sent on her merry way. I was feeling kind of disappointed that there was nothing I could do for her.
The next day she called me, it was almost impossible to understand her speech. She was crying so continuously. She was almost incomprehensible. She said when she got to the third chapter of my book God just wonderfully healed her. I didn't understand exactly what she meant by that but God restored her when she was reading my book. It was then my eyes were opened to the fact that she was this truck. On the outside this truck seemed un-repairable or not worth it but God was able and more than willing. This story still ministers to me.

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