Sunday, May 25, 2014

SO YOU WANNA GO BACK! Dream 12-04-21 EJ Ouellette - re-post

12-04-21 Dream. I dreamt I was in a dark jungle somewhere. To my left there was a giant oak tree, which seemed out of place. Suddenly without any warning a large silver plane crashed into the oak treetops. The side was ripped open and I could see dozens of people inside. My heart pounded as I climbed the tree fearing the plane would explode anytime and these people would die. When I reached the plane the occupants seemed very dazed and confused. I was un-strapping some from their seats and they were very disoriented. I wondered how I was going to get them down from the tree when I noticed one of the huge wings had extended to the ground and was on an angle like a slide. I pushed the first one down and they made it perfectly to the bottom. I worked as quickly as I could to free them and get them down the slide. They seemed drugged somehow and couldn't see the reason to get out so I was pushing them down. Some got angry and refused to leave despite my urgent pleadings. Some started back inside the plane to find their seats and hide from the ominous jungle below. I was incredibly frustrated with their inability to see the danger of staying and their resistance to me. I managed to free several when I noticed they started to climb back up the wing to get back in the plane. It was like herding cats as everyone seemed under some kind of drug that made them want to return to the destroyed plane and wait for their ultimate demise. I wanted to cry but felt I should continue trying to save them despite their stupidity.

 When I awoke I immediately thought this was about the church of today. In the past, everyone I tried to free from the delusion, turned around and went right back in and became even more deluded than before. Once they returned after being freed they seemed lost forever. Some people even craved to go back in. It was like Moses freeing his people from Egypt only to have them sneak back.-EJO

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