Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Tuesday, April 23, 2013
Since I’ve been traveling its been difficult to post any new blogs as the internet has been very intermittent where I was and pretty much just gave up fighting it. I had several prophetic dreams over the last couple of weeks and will just post them as I can daily.

I dreamt I was traveling in a car at night with a woman that I know who is a Pastor of a church and has a daughter that I know very well who is in a difficult marriage. She was pouring her heart out to me as we were driving seeing that her daughter’s marriage was in serious trouble and was wondering why God wasn’t doing something about it. I told her that her daughter’s husband just married her without being in love and in fact married in rebellion. God doesn’t just put his stamp of approval on our rebellious acts nor does He follow mans laws regarding marriage only His own. She found this difficult to understand and I felt great compassion towards her. I climbed out of the car and went into a field where I saw a man plowing a field with a single bladed plow pulled by horses. I knew this man and hadn’t seen him in years. He was also a friend of the woman’s daughter. He seemed almost angry at me as he poured out his heart to me also regarding the same ending marriage of his friend. I also re-iterated the same story that God doesn’t endorse rebellious acts and they were not married in His eye’s. I could also see that he could not see into the kingdom of God because he put his hand back on the plow.  He was following mans ways not Gods and the secrets of the kingdom were hidden from him.

I then awoke. I  knew all of these people well and the whole situation. I knew that this day would come when it would all explode.

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