Sunday, December 23, 2012

DREAM OF THE GIANT ARISING - Mayan prediction.

Sunday, December 23, 2012
Dream. I dreamt I was outside near some industrial buildings at night. I was with a small group of people from the church. One was an apathetic passive Pastor I knew and others with him from his congregation. We were like spies going out in the night to do something important. We approached an Amory of some kind that was protected by an armed marine. He was stiffly guarding the door as we approached without fear. He saw us coming and I thought he might shoot but instead turned and unlocked the gate for us. He led us up a small path to a heavy steel door and raised it for us to enter. He turned on the lights and I could see rows of armored vehicles and tanks. The pastor that was with us, started taking bombs out of a bag and handed out the supplies to the anxious crew. I was shocked, as I knew this guy was a pacifist and didn’t believe in upsetting people. As I looked around I realized what I was looking at was a sleeping giant that had woken up. I received a deluge of information in a split second as I stood there in amazement. I could see that what the Mayan calendar had predicted was coming true. We had entered into a new age of responsibility. The war had begun against the injustices in the world and everyone it seemed was convicted of doing nothing about what was going on the world and were now willing to fight, even their own corrupt government. In fact even the army, navy and marines were turning against the corruption in the Whitehouse and beyond and were now fighting against them. It was war! And they were willing to die for the first time for their fellow man. 

I felt excited, knowing that the delusion had lifted off of the church and the world, and they were no longer going to take it. There aim was not to kill anybody but to destroy all the war making equipment that government had stockpiled for wars they themselves had created to make billions on the sale of these devices. These warmongers could no longer hide and the veil had been lifted. The giant was now awake!

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