Friday, April 20, 2012

Back in the Promised Land

Well Im back in Canada after a few days in Virginia and I must say I feel relieved to be back. When you've had constant dreams since the late 1990s regarding the coming apocalypse to the USA it can be very uncomfortable being down there. The sense of dread this time was overwhelming and only coming back and feeling the peace here in Canada showed me the difference. I never  had any prophetic dreams while there and have rarely had any in the bible belt since I think the spirit of religion has taken over the church there. Actually the best places I have ever had prophetic dreams was in northern Ontario and Florida. I have no idea why, but once read a book about someone who saw ladders to heaven all over and some were blocked by the enemy who had control over those areas. If thats true it would certainly fit what I have noticed, since Virginia seems to be prominently filled with un-belief. (in the Church) It is so stifling down there I feel like I have a bag over my head and want to run. I have noticed every-time I have freed people from the delusion in Virginia they actually cry and want to go back to the old. God told me a long time ago "when they crave to go back just let them go, that is their judgment!" I have found this to be true. They end even up more deluded than before. "You can't put new wine into old wines skins" has a fresh meaning.

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