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A prophet named Dick Mills came to me and began to prophesy to me. He began to prophesy that the Lord was going to drop a bombshell of wisdom into my life, and that I would have the wisdom of a great theologian. Although he prophesied many other things this word is just in regards to the "wisdom".
30 days later the Lord took me to heaven in which I spent four hours. During that time I walked through pathways with the Father as he poured into my life an incredible amount of wisdom. Although little of it seemed apparent at the time it took many years to fully understand some of the things I saw and heard. This is one of those things.
The wisdom given to me was so profound it was almost impossible to listen to any preaching anymore. All of it seemed so childlike and I felt like I was back in kindergarten. Every message I heard seemed so simplistic it was unbearable listening to these messages. Even things that seemed profound for thousands of years were brought back to me and I was given a much clearer understanding.
It was after that, many years actually, that I had another trip to heaven in which God showed me the source code of all creation. I was brought up to a heavenly place, which was void of any furniture or belongings. It was more of a large white room. Floating in space were two large whiteboards they were about the size of blackboards in a school. They were about 5 feet high and 8 feet long. It was hard to tell. The Lord stood beside me and spoke to me; he brought out a person that I did not know. When he did all of the whiteboards were instantly covered in an extremely complex mathematical equation. I understood the equation perfectly and in fact the equation represented this man's life completely. It showed everything from the day he was born to the day he died. I knew instantly, that this is how the Lord sees our lives all of the time and that he saw us on a flat plane and with our complete life before him. Everything we did and accomplished in our whole lifetime was in this equation. I understood this completely perfectly with a heavenly mind and I was able to perceive things exactly as God saw them. Suddenly this man said some encouraging words and instantly I could see how the equation affected other people. Whenever he would encourage it would affect other lives. Then without warning he also cursed and I saw the chain of events that would ensue because of these words and how it affected those in the family and those around him. In fact the question was so complex it branched out and became part of all the members of his immediate sphere. I saw equations with lots of V’s. I knew these represented variables in people's lives. These variables could change based on circumstances that could be issued through prayer for instance or other outside influences. To show me, the Lord initiated a change in the variable and it caused the complex equation to change instantly to a new outcome. I realized that this discounted any fate philosophy and that truly we have far more control in our lives and the outcome than we thought.
 The Lord brought out a woman this time. Again, I instantly saw the complex equation on the boards and instantly knew every part of her life right up until the time she would die. Again it was filled with V’s representing the variables that could influence the outcome in any time. This time Lord showed me that when she prayed for something that it was a variable that was influenced on and instantly changed the entire formula again. It was clear that whenever she prayed it would affect her life and the outcome.
This time the Lord began to show me far more complex equations and showed me how He created the entire universe through mathematical equations. Everything He ever thought everything he ever designed everything he ever wanted and made He used a mathematical formula to create it. I saw some formulas that seemed like it went on for a mile and he gave me the ability to understand every part of it.
He then showed me how man was like a dog and was incapable of the deeper understanding of things. He created man this way on purpose so that while he was on earth, man would not become proud or become corrupted by this deep knowledge.  He showed me many things about the world that I cannot talk about. One thing that was important was that he gave man a comic book version so that we could comprehend some things. This is what we know of as symbolism. Although I was interested in the symbolism in the past I noticed that after my 4 hour encounter with God I know longer desired it as my understanding of the deeper things grew astronomically. He told me in fact that in Numbers 12 when he said he talked with Moses face to face and not in riddles it was the same thing. God had opened up his mind to perceive “The Plan” from His point of view. This would give him the ability to forge through the persecution and impart a deep drive to complete the task and wouldn’t be hindered by stubborn man. These comic book thinkers would always be hindered by narrow-mindedness and would have hindered his task.
I felt like Neo from the Matrix when I awoke and I noticed that my thinking changed dramatically from that day forward. What else that was unique, is the Lord allowed me to retain much of the understanding in the mathematics of all things. I felt so honored by God that he would show me this, as math was my favorite subject in high school and I received 99% in Grade 12 math.
EJ Ouellette

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