Sunday, January 8, 2012

US INVADES IRAQ. dream OCT27-2001

Whats interesting about this dream is that the US invaded Iraq right after I had this dream. 

Dream Oct 27 2001:
Dreamt I was in some Middle Eastern country like Iraq. It looked like a desert and everywhere I looked people were laying down sobbing and praying. There were clearly distraught beyond anything I had ever seen before. It made me feel guilty for all the trials I was going through. Obviously these people were in far worse shape. I came up to a man that was crying his eyes out on his knees. In the background I saw children running by not understanding what was going on. This man immediately took me back when he spoke. He had a wonderful spirit and I was immediately moved by his honesty and dedication to God that I had never seen in Canada before. He said to me “Please pray for us, the Americans are coming to kill us and we did nothing wrong”. Bombs began to drop in the background and children were killed right in front of my eyes. I could immediately see the corruption that had initiated this attack on the towers was from within the US in order to steal away the land from the wonderful people. I was incredibly disgusted with the demonic corporate entity called America and I could see Gods anger was beyond anything I had ever witnessed before. I knew that Gods hand was with these Middle Eastern people and that he was going to crush their enemies.
Joe Ouellette

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