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Nov 1996

Dreamt I was standing in Toronto.  It was at night and seemed very dark and gloomy.  I saw Small River in front of me in and a tree next to it.  Up on top of the hill to my right I saw a church and it was packed to capacity.  To the left of the Church there appeared to be a golf course.  I was just about to cross the river and go up to the church when I heard a giant explosion.  For some reason I was able to see clearly all the way to Niagara Falls and I saw and heard a giant earthquake.  It scared me to the core.  I saw the Niagara Falls collapse and the water from Lake Erie came pouring down flooding Lake Ontario then Toronto.  The wall of water was at least 40 stories high was headed straight at me, I knew there was no hope.  I jumped quickly across the small river and ran up to the church.  As I put my hand on the door handle I realized it was already too late and the water was right there.
A few months after this dream the church I was attending acquired a new building.  When I saw the building for the first time I realized it was the one in this dream and even the golf course was adjacent.

Joe Ouellette
U.S. Rent in Half By Quake
Recounted by Steve Wilkins

Here's an amazing revelation.  My friend Carol told me that back in 1988 after having fasted for 24 days she was driving down a road about 20 miles south of St. Louis which runs alongside the New Madrid Fault line.  She was "Listening to Christian radio and lost signal while changing channels as I entered the New Madridtown.  Just the day before an earthquake had been warned of there and disc jockeys were making fun of the hospitals that had evacuated intensive care patients to hospitals for 100-150 miles around.  I said, 'Lord, listen to them laugh and make fun of this.'

"The Lord spoke to me audibly right there.  Virtually word for word what Matthew 24:37,38 says: 'As in the days of Noah, they were drinking, marrying, giving in marriage, and partying, and I sent My flood, and so shall I send My quake, for no man or instruments will pick up My quake.'  It was audible and He answered me instantly.

"The prophetic word had come in at a worship New Year's service in 1978 in Minneapolis, MN.  That the Lord was going to bring an earthquake that will split the U.S. in half like from Chicago to New Orleans, at least 50 miles wide.  Towns and hospitals will fall into the big dark hole.  Then it was confirmed by my friend and daughter's youth pastor at a prophetic service.  During the break, I told her what the Lord had spoken to me in 1988 and she said, 'Carol, that was the year my husband and I got married, and I was having a devotional one evening and the Lord showed me in a vision the earth breaking open from like Canada to New Orleans.'  We just stared at each other for we didn't know each other when these things came forth.  She said, 'Carol, it was so horrific I screamed!'"

In further talking with Carol I realized she has not totally understood the meaning of that verse in connection with those words except that it was speaking prophetically about the last days.  I told her that when it says in the verse "The DAY that Noah entered the Ark" that was prophetically when the DAY of the LORD would begin in our future! Carol was being told by revelation a Major event that will happen on the DAY of the Lord.

Here's an interesting excerpt from an article in June 2006 talking about the New Madrid Fault line:

Is an earthquake inevitable for Saint Louis?

That's what the experts are saying. Even though St. Louis is 2,000 miles from California, the talk about an earthquake is becoming big conversation.

Missouri sits on the New Madrid Fault line, which experts say is getting worse all the time. They are predicting that St. Louis will have a sizeable earthquake in the near future. St. Louis officials are taking it very seriously, and have put together a new set of codes regarding earthquake shut-off valves, and Seismic bracing.

US Divided by Major Quake
Luke Marshall - 7/15/07
I woke up suddenly, sat straight up in bed and saw this statement:  UNITED STATES DIVIDED BY MASSIVE EARTHQUAKE!   This repeated 3 times in about 10 seconds.  Whether it was a dream or a vision I do not know for I have had many experiences like this lately.

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