Sunday, December 11, 2011


Today I was thinking about something someone said to me recently regarding the prophets. If I weren’t quite so tired at the time I would've responded immediately. He mentioned that in the New Testament the prophets were admonished and told that when they were traveling they should only stay in a home for one day. Since we live in a time today when the church completely out of balance this rule couldn't possibly apply. For one thing today's church has thrown out all of the prophets and has rejected the order that Jesus himself set down. The church was responsible to provide for the prophets and the apostles and back before Jesus’ time the rules still applied. Often the prophets lived right at the Temple and the people, (through the temple) provided for them. During the time of Elijah, which seems to be glorious in most people's minds was in actuality a time of great rebellion. The spirit of Jezebel had basically taken over the church and the prophet Elijah was called in to kill the prophets of Baal and eventually end the rebellion. During the time of great famine the Temple did not look after Elijah but in fact God brought the widow to his aid where he where he stayed during this time. Although Lord was the ultimate provider the widow of course gave him a room in the house and he was cared for. In today's time Elijah would have been rebuked and told he should go pump gas or clean windows or be a greeter at Wal-Mart. In fact Elijah was not affected by what men thought but continued on doing God's will whatever that may be. The widow looked after him the entire time that the church failed and eventually Elijah was just taken into heaven. The widow of course would receive a great reward (In heaven).
As you can see the similarities between Elijah’s time now is pretty much the same. We are clearly in the time of Elijah simply because you can see the spirit of Jezebel has taken over the church. Now we must see the end of Jezebel in the church. In other words the Church is ripe for judgment.

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