Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Dream April 1998

Dreamt I was at some very large Church in the US. Some older guy in a grey suit was getting ready to preach some message. He seemed somewhat agitated. The church was dark and very posh. I saw 6 microphones on the stage. Suddenly a big flat screen TV dropped down from nowhere and a scene began to play out. I saw this same pastor in a room with other pastors all sitting around. The older one in the silver suit seemed to have leadership over the others. He then went over and abused his power over one of the younger interns and forced him to perform sexual acts with him. I counted how many were in the room and there were 13 in total. After, the Pastor in the grey suit was waiting to get up on stage and for the show to start (service). Suddenly I felt the anger of God burn against this sexual deviant and I got scared. I was drawn again to the microphones and counted them. There were six in total. I knew God wanted me to rebuke him but I had to wait for some reason.

Six months later I was compelled to go down to Virginia were I was invited to a local ministerial meeting in Lexington. A local pastor friend had invited me and again I felt compelled to go. We went into a large room and we all sat around in a circle. It seemed very familiar to me but I just ignored it and sat listening to the meeting. Someone arrived a few minutes late. It was the older man in the grey suit from my dream six months before. I was stunned when I saw him and began to count the occupants in the room. There were 13 just like my dream. My palms began to sweat and I dried them on my jeans. At the end of the meeting I spoke up. I didn’t want to center the guy out so I phrased my statement carefully. This is what I spoke “There is a man here who is a leader of a large assembly and is using his power to oppress and take advantage of pastors under him”! To my left I saw a young pastor crawl up into fetal position and I swear he almost started sucking his thumb. I recognized him from my dream as the one who was performing sexual acts on the corrupt minister. The guy in the grey suit started acting very nervously and was making a beeline for the door when I added “The Lord has sent me 500 miles this day to warn you. Unless you repent this is your last chance before His judgment falls”

You could have heard a pin drop in the place. No one was speaking and they were all just staring at me. I decided to break the ice a bit and spoke to my friend who brought me in his van. “Did you leave the van running I think I smell tar and feathers cooking up in the next room” Everyone chuckled nervously and we made our way out the door.

I thought we made it out first but someone several others were already outside and they actually wanted to meet me. I shook some shocked Baptist’s hands that day that I will never forget that meeting as long as they live.

I never heard what happened to that man in the silver suit but as the years went by I had many more such meetings and discovered that all of the ministers I rebuked died shortly after, usually not first without losing everything.  EJ Ouellette

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