Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Recently, a woman came to me telling me she had some computer problems. Although I like to keep it a secret she had found out somehow that I work on computers. This is not knowledge I normally like to let out. Unfortunately it brings out all the people who want their computers fixed for free. Nonetheless this woman seemed like she knew what she was talking about as she told me her hard-drive was broken. Her hard-drive? Rarely can I tell when the computer is broken down without first diagnosing the problem that it's a hard-drive. She obviously must know a lot about computers or why else would she immediately have pointed out the problem. Intrigued by her request I said "okay" and to drop it by sometime. When she showed up at my door she had the whole computer which kind of shocked me. She told me it was a hard-drive! In case you don't know what a hard-drive is, it's about the size of your hand, silver and fits inside the computer case. I asked her "I thought you said it was the hard-drive?" She looked at me like I'd lost my mind and by the look on her face I would say she thought maybe I didn't know anything about computers at all. I looked back at her perplexed but not sure what to say. I told her "you said the hard-drive was broken" she pointed to the big-box on the floor and said "there it is, the hard-drive"! It was then I realized that she was calling the case that housed the motherboard the power supply and the hard-drive, the hard-drive itself. A smirk came across my face that I could not hold back. She had been severely misinformed, somehow she been told by some computer illiterate that the case which housed the hard drive was in fact the hard drive itself. It was hard to keep from laughing.

       A couple of weeks ago while I was in prayer the Lord brought back this humorous scene. He spoke to me clearly “This is like my church. The church is a living organism that is sometimes housed by a building and sometimes not. Over time the deception has come over the true church and they have been taught that is no longer the 'people' (Organism) it’s now the ‘building’ instead. This deception has caused many people to stumble. People now defend a useless building and call it a church. The church is only and has ever been a ‘people’.”

     It was as clear as a bell when he said it. I thought of words spoken to me many times "I heard he left the church" this statement always bothered me because it made no sense at all. How could someone leave himself? I mean how is it possible that I can be the church and leave the church at same time? Am I the only one with a brain? Secondly when arm-twisting preachers guilt you into giving to 'the church', they mean the people right? Not the building? Did Satan himself perpetrate this lie? There seems to be no other answer to me. Satan is the author of falsehoods like this. He has now even duped the true church into believing the church is a building, or even a denomination. Many times in the past the Lord has spoken to me. "My church wears shoes"

     Next you'll be telling me Jesus turned the water in to grape juice!

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