Monday, November 28, 2011


Jesus and I stood side by side in a darkened room. Five black Ninjas stood in front of us poised for a strike. Their ice cold eyes peered from the black cloth that covered their face and body. One of the ninjas had a white piece of paper in his hand and I could see a large title at the top and some sort of list underneath the title. I focused in and saw clearly at the top 'TOP TEN HIT LIST' under that was a list of ten names and one of them was mine! Mine was third from the top. I didn't cringe when I saw it, instead I felt privileged knowing that I was such a great threat to Satan and his lowly kingdom.
      Jesus spoke, "These are Satan's five greatest assassins who have been enlisted to kill you. Satan told them, that if they failed in their jobs, they would be demoted to the lowest ranks of hell. They were told that they could not maim you, hurt you, or anything else, but that they must take your life from this earth."
      At this, I began to laugh aloud and said to Jesus, "But I can see them perfectly!" Jesus spoke, "Yes I have given you great sight".
      I suddenly felt someone at my right. I could see a woman dressed in a white Ninja outfit, with a semi transparent mask over her eyes. Instantly I could see from her perspective as if looking out her eyes. I could see that she could barely see the black ninjas. She could only see a faint silhouette. On the other hand, she was more powerful than all the other Ninjas and could easily take them out. To do this though she had to rely on my sight to see where they were.
      This was Gods perfect plan. We had to rely on one another to function as a body. Moreover, we could not do it alone, even if we are exceptionally gifted.

    Technically we should all be threats to Satan but I often find that most so-called Christians are not even known by him. Most of my attacks, actually all of my attacks, come from so-called Christians. I have had death threats from people in the church that believe they are Christians. They unknowingly are servants of Satan.

    In 1996 I had this vivid dream. I dreamt I could not see anything but I could hear the Lords voice from Heaven like a trumpet. There is no other sound like it when you hear His booming voice. I was under a lot of attack at the time and was feeling quite battle worn when he spoke. This is what he said, "SATAN WANTS TO KILL YOU BECAUSE HE KNOWS I AM SENDING YOU TO TAKE OUT THE HIGH AND LOFTY"!. I then saw a perfect vision in the darkness of 'Rodney Howard Browne' sort of dancing across a platform needlessly screaming a message at the audience. He was well dressed and looked like any other preacher. I was shocked when I saw this since I had no Idea who he was and what he was doing following Satan and posing as a follower of God. It was then the lights when on in my head and I asked God "WELL WHO TOLD HIM?" I mean after all, I kept this a secret my whole life as I was warned by God not to mention my role in the end times. In other words only God could have told him and that's when all my attacks began. He never answered me.

     I decided to do some research on this guy and discovered he was indeed a heretical teacher promising great earthly riches if you gave HIS ministry money.

    I have my own list and I chose to keep it secret but I am sure it's a lot longer than Satan's. Of course I meant that the coming economic collapse will take care of most of these guys -EJ Ouellette

1 Peter 4:17
For it is time for judgment to begin with God's household; and if it begins with us, what will the outcome be for those who do not obey the gospel of God?

      This will be a time of great shaking in the church. Many leaders will be supernaturally taken out and many others will be made an example of their compromise in the kingdom. Some will merely lose their churches and finances and others will drop dead like Ananias and Sapphira. (Acts 5:1)
      They were warned, yet they did not prepare their flock to get ready for the great economic collapse so they would have a chance to repent. They were not readied nor told the truth so their judgment will be much greater.
      For those that endured great persecution while still holding onto your faith and trust in God, even though you saw the sad state of the Church. Do not become jealous like the prodigal son’s obedient brother but instead rejoice with your heavenly Father as he welcomes home his wayward sons, those Christians that embraced the world and all its glory.
      After this time of great upheaval God will restore his people again as in
Isaiah 30:26 (New International Version)
26 The moon will shine like the sun, and the sunlight will be seven times brighter, like the light of seven full days, when the LORD binds up the bruises of his people and heals the wounds HE inflicted.


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