Sunday, October 16, 2011

WAR WAR WAR dream Oct 16-2011 EJ Ouellette

I was driving a small car down a side-road in Richmond Hill. (Bethesda Side road). I was driving at a normal pace and was headed towards Wilcox lake. The road ended at Wilcox lake. I was just about to make a right hand turn when I heard someone beep his horn furiously I turned around to my right and noticed another road that was adjacent to mine and driving at a high rate of speed was a tan colored Semi Truck. It was a flat army like finish and looked European in origin. It was going way to fast to stop at the corner and just barreled through towards the lake but instead got caught in the trees on the shore. The truck blocked the road I was about to turn on so I got out of my car and proceeded to walk around the truck. ON the far side of truck and in the ground was what looked like a huge man-hole. The lid flipped open and a huge missile began to emerge. It was tan in color and the same finish as the truck. I became frightened at this point. The missile fully erected and then tilted towards the west. Somehow the missile blocked my ability to go any further on the road so I climbed inside the missile silo to see a way out. It was full of hydraulics and motors and such and there was no way around so I  climbed back out.
I awoke at this point and I heard God speak to me these three words “WAR, WAR, WAR”. As time went on that morning I pondered the dream and wondered why it took place at that intersection and then it hit me. Bethesda side-road and Wilcox lake road was the dividing point at the beach. On one side was a Jews only side until the 1950s. A huge steel fence separated them. Now I wasn’t born back then but my mother told me the stories of the segregation between the Jews and rest of the population here in Richmond Hill Ontario. Back then it was a separate town called Oak Ridges. This occurred when Canada gave the Jewish people refuge after the war.

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