Sunday, October 9, 2011

MEETING WITH JESUS,ANDREW,JAMES AND PAUL from my book Majesties of His kingdom.

      Jesus stood in front of me in a grassy field. He was dressed, as He would be during his earthly ministry. He was laughing and seemed so joyful. I had never imagined him this way. Any previous times I had met him He was always so serious. However, this time was different.
      He immediately called me his best friend Joe and then asked me to turn around and meet his other friends. I didn’t know anybody was behind me, so I turned and looked. From left to right He said, “This is my brother James and Andrew and Paul”. It stunned me! They didn’t look anything like I thought they would.
      James looked a lot like Jesus but with a wider face and seemed warm and compassionate. His hair was dirty blonde, had piercing blue eyes, and wore an ear-to-ear smile.
      Andrew was thinner in the face and had more Jewish features and slightly darker hair.
      Paul was nothing what I had imagined. I thought that somehow he was a tough hombre. Instead, he was almost small and thin. He had black hair and dark eyes but also had a compassionate look to him.
      All four of them dressed in robes of their period and all were about five foot two. They appeared to want to meet me!
      Jesus showed me a path. The path was extremely narrow and did not seem well traveled. It was only as wide as my feet and almost completely covered over with growth. It turned after a little bit and then ended abruptly. I could also tell that each part of the path, represented years and that each part was a different part of my life.

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