Saturday, July 30, 2011

THE MIRACLE OF CREATION a trip to heaven from my book "Majesties of His Kingdom"

The Lord came to me saying, “Get ready. I want you to fast twenty-one days. Take Six days off then fast for three more. Then I will take you to heaven.”

I marked the day on my calendar and began my fast. When the Lord had told me that He was going to show me how He created things on earth. My imagination went wild. I imagined him waving his finger and all the molecules coming together to form some object. Little did I know that what God was about to show me would not only shock me but also change my life forever.

All day, I sensed a strong anointing and it excited me knowing this was the long awaited day. I went to bed that night eagerly awaiting my trip.

I was flying straight up through the air. I felt a familiar person beside me, like a friend I’ve known for years. He was holding me and carrying me as we flew. We approached a submarine shaped cloud that looked artificial. It was puffy on the bottom like cotton candy and flat on the top, with a hedge around the outside perimeter, hiding it. It was a secret place. As we flew over the hedge, I saw level ground on the other side and groups of people standing around talking to one another. It looked like a church social. Everyone seemed full of joy and oblivious that we just flew in. "I am in heaven!" I shouted!

As we approached, I saw a flat roofed house without a door. It looked like any earthly house. My escort ushered me into the house, through the main entrance and through the hall, into the main room.

Jesus was on one knee, talking to a young woman sitting in a chair. He was radiant. His long robe was just as I imagined, glowing white and full of majesty. His hair was long and flowing and was difficult to see from the intense light coming from him. I could feel the love He had for her and I felt ashamed that I even doubted his love for me.

The young woman looked about 20 years old and had that girl next-door look. She was wearing blue jeans and running shoes. Her top was a white blouse that was ordinary.

She was reading a poem to Jesus that she had written to him. She was articulate and had no fear as she expressed her love for him. It seemed odd to hear someone express such love openly in front of others. Jesus was helping her with her poem by lovingly suggesting new lines that fit better. At first, I thought this would offend her but instead it excited her about the changes that Jesus suggested and she showed it.

All this time, I studied Jesus. I was seeing him unveiled, in all his glory.
He stood up and started to walk towards me. My heart leaped inside. Finally, I am going to have a conversation with the King of Kings. He walked right up to me, looked me right in the eyes, and said, "This is the room where things are created. These people are here creating things" I looked around the room and I noticed that everyone was doing something artistic.
I wanted to talk to Jesus more than anything. I asked him “can we talk?” He looked me right in the eyes and said" No, we cannot" I heard a great moan in the distance. It was one of the most horrible sounds, I have ever heard. I saw the hurt and pain in Jesus’ eyes and I wanted to cry. I knew that something terrible had happened in the Great War.

He then said," I have to go but I will give you this angel to show you around and He will answer all your questions”. For some reason I did not feel rejected but I knew something very important had happened.

A man came up to me and started to show me around. I knew that this was the angel Jesus had spoken of and the one that had brought me here.
I looked around the room and I noticed several people sitting in chairs. One person had an electric guitar and was writing out a song and then playing it. Another young woman was making little crafts with her hands. She was making a little stained glass sun-catcher that you would hang in your window. I noticed it wasn't a cross or a dove or any religious shaped article. It was just something she had created. Some people were drawing pictures and they held no religious significance.

He took me down a hallway that was at the end of that common room. I noticed a door that was open on my right and I looked in. It was a bedroom. Trays filled with all kinds of crafts hung at the foot of the bed. Some were made of wood, some of stained glass and some were metal. Crafts covered the plain white wall. I knew that this room was the room of that young woman who was making crafts in the big room. The room looked like a normal bedroom. It had a single sized bed and a little night table.

As I went further down the hall to look in another room the door closed by itself, preventing me from seeing inside. It was something I was not permitted to see. I turned around behind me and walked over to a wooden display case with a glass cover. In the display case were all the best crafts and poems these people had made. I noticed above it an X-Ray machine on the wall, as you would see in a dental office. A hospital bed sat in the center and the room looked a little like a Doctors examining room. I thought it was strange seeing a dental x-ray in heaven. I walked back into the common room where all the people were.

I began to think about the incredible peace I was feeling and thought if it was possible for it to be like this on earth. As the people were walking around me, I began to realize that they were dead! I started to panic thinking that I was here forever not just a visit. Thoughts of my children flashed through my head. Things I needed to do still, made me want to return.
The angel was standing in front of me and his expression changed to unbelief. He spoke, “YOU WANT TO GO BACK!” I realized he could hear my thoughts, and with that, I suddenly shot back to earth.
I woke up in bed with the same anointing still with me.

The lord brought two scriptures to my mind, one “That I was fearfully and wonderfully made" and the second "Man gave names to all the animals".
As the morning rolled on the Lord began to speak to me and teach to me about what I saw. This is what He told me.
“When I created man in my image I also created him to create. The creative ability that man has is a gift given to man by me. When you create poems, stories woodworking crafts and many other things called hobbies you are glorifying me. The enemy has been feeding man a lie. You were told that you couldn’t make crafts or write or many other things unless that somehow led people to salvation. The enemy knew that God had built into man immunity to mental illness and depression through your God given creative ability. Many people had stopped dreaming because they felt that it was not Gods will, but God gave man these dreams and the potential to fulfill them. I could have easily given names to all the animals but instead I chose to let man do it”.
God let man create! For those of us that have children know how exciting it when one of our children creates something with their own hands. God created us to create and when we do, we glorify our creator.

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