Thursday, July 28, 2011


Friday, June 20, 2003
I was in prayer yesterday (July27th and got almost the identical word from the Lord as this one from 2003)

Dreamed I saw a globe of the world on the floor of this shabby house. As I got close to, it began to shake violently at least four feet off the floor. At this, I thought it must be the enemy doing this, so I began to rebuke it. I tried to open my mouth but was unable and could not rebuke it. It shook even more violently! I saw a small baby, naked and lying on the floor, in its hand, a cutting blade that was sharp like a razor.

This is what the Lord said when I awoke. “I am going to shake this world. No amount of prayer or fasting will stop my hand. I will not relent until the cries of the unborn have stopped. Apathy has taken over my people. They worry about Harry Potter and start big campaigns while innocent children are murdered everyday in the hands of these wicked people. Who has ever seen such insanity! My hand is coming against these nations that practice these detestable things. I will shake every nation!!”

It prompted me to make this Anti_abortion video that almost got me booted off youtube for good. It got about 40thousand hits in two days! and an unbelievable amount of comments mostly protesting it.

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