Wednesday, July 6, 2011

ITS TIME! Prophecy by David Herzog

David Herzog:
The Lion of Judah Invading and Taking Over

I see News Media, Hollywood Films and TV Shows being taken over by Believers that will infiltrate the ranks due to the incredible favor, skill, talent and holiness of God. Just as Daniel and his friends refused to eat the king's meat, so God's people will be in these secular arenas; but people will see they are somehow different yet brighter, stronger, happier and His favor on them will open up unique doors of great influence.

The key is to be one of these noble ones that will not compromise just to fit in, never forgetting the reason you are there "for such a time as this" to bring in the Kingdom of God. Just as Esther could have been tempted to not use her position for God's people and the purposes of God, she realized she had been elevated not for her own sake but for God's glory. (This also applies to the areas of business, education, government and the entertainment industry.)

Those that are hearing God's directives will actually prosper more in this downtime than at any other time before, similar to when Egypt was shaken. Moses and the Israelites actually were the most blessed and protected for those that obeyed God's commands the night they left Egypt during the first Passover.

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