Friday, July 8, 2011

Are we still the Salt of the earth?

I met a woman that was in a bit of a dilemma and asked me to pray about it. Her 13-year-old daughter was invited to stay over at her friend’s father’s place. The only problem was that his friend’s father was a homosexual and was cohabitating with another man. To me the answer seemed obvious but nonetheless I agreed that I would pray about it and if God gave me a dream I would tell her.
That very night I had this dream. I saw her on this big wide road with all of her daughter’s friends and her daughter behind her. Also behind them were the two homosexual guys and the friend’s mother. This woman was clearly leading them all down this big road. The road had a gentle slope and it was obviously much easier to go down the road than it was to go up the road. At the bottom of the road I could see the road went into the lake of fire. Huge flames danced in the distance. She was taking them all to hell with her and seemed pretty happy about it at the same time.
The next day I told her the dream. She coughed and spat and acted very nervously. In the dream I could see clearly that she had a need for approval from men and she would rather let her daughter go into this sick relationship then to stand up for her beliefs. I could also see that Christians were like the salt of the earth and that of the world looks to them for guidance whether they knew it or not. By letting her daughter go to this house for the night, she was not only condoning the sick relationship but also putting the Christian stamp of approval on it.
The dream convicted me personally. I wondered how many times in my life or in my Christian walk that I didn’t stand up against the sin and showed everyone that it was okay when it wasn't.

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