Friday, June 17, 2011

Sodom & Gomorrah Cruise lines Dream

Dream: March 12, 2005
-EJ Ouellette

I dreamt I was on the ocean on some kind of cruise ship. I was positioned near the front and was looking backwards over the whole boat. Everywhere I looked people were partying and we're completely obnoxious. I looked in my hand and I was holding a martini with an olive still in the class. It reminded me of the Titanic and everyone seemed obnoxiously wealthy. It was then I noticed that we were going extremely fast. My hair was blowing forward and was wrapped around in my face. I was sickened by the people I saw and couldn't understand what I was doing there on that ship. The scene I was looking at was one of extreme opulence. I did not know where I was going and it made me a little nervous. As I turned around to face forward I noticed we were going full speed and about to hit the huge dock and then the shore. I had no time to respond! We were going to crash and we crashed at full speed. The boards from the dock easily split apart and flew high into the air. The dock disintegrated in a couple of seconds and now our huge ship was plowing deep into the earth. My body and the bodies of all the people that were around me were now projectiles headed towards death.

It's now June 2011 and when I looked back upon this old dream it really reminded me of right now. The crash of the stock market took place in 2008 but I don't believe that was the final crash. On the other hand as I look around me at people I know they are exactly like the people on the ship. One acquaintance of mine was exactly like the guy who stood in front of me on the ship. He spends hundreds of dollars a month on booze and drugs. He is 46 years old and he has never worked a day in his life. His parents give them all the money he needs to get drunk and stoned every day. All of his friends are pretty much the same way. Every time I look at them I remember this dream and that everything in their life is about to come crashing down. Almost everywhere I go everyone carries on like nothing is wrong and yet the whole economy is sliding down a long slippery slope into a burning volcano. They are just like the people on the ship, not a care in the world just having fun and parting is all they care about. It also reminds me of the church today. New age gospels mixed with prosperity heresy dominate the landscape. I feel like I live in Sodom and Gomorrah everyday. This world is certainly ripe for God's judgments.

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