Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Russian Bombers May 17 2011 Dream

Dream: 11-05-17
It was a bright sunny day. I was standing a field in the US but not sure where. I heard the sound of a prop plane and looked up in the sky. The sky was filled with dark bombers. (I thought Russian) Suddenly they started releasing their cache of bombs. They started falling from the sky in streams, there were so many. At least three landed near me but none exploded. They had a ticking sound inside and were about to blow. I was very scared for my life and ran as fast as I could for the Canadian border. I crossed back and immediately felt relieved. I then started to sing a song that I knew but somehow changed the words to “In August it will be all right instead of "come monday it will be alright".

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  1. December 1, 2011
    Had a new revelation tonight regarding my dreams about the Russians attacking the US unexpectedly. I was watching the movie ‘Pearl Harbor’ tonight and several things’ hit me that I hadn’t thought about before.
    1.The attack came suddenly. (On a beautiful sunny day)
    2. It came right before Christmas like most of my dreams concerning the attack on the US from Russia.
    3. In the movie, the bombs that dropped made the same sound exactly as in my dreams. After they dropped they made a loud whining sound, which was a little propeller on the back. When the propeller stopped, then the bomb exploded.