Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dream of Stocks and a car crash May 11th 2011

May 11, 2011:
I dreamt I was driving in Virginia in an old black sedan from the late 30s or early 40s. My daughter was in the passenger seat and we are going down Goosecreek road which is a dirt backroad. We are moving fairly quickly and came around a sharp turn. There was an old limousine partially in the ditch and partially on the road and I slammed into the back of it skidded around and landed in a ditch myself. I quickly looked back to see if everyone was okay in the other car as I knew both my daughter and I were fine. I saw woman dressed in a mink stole with diamonds around her neck crying her eyes out in the back of the limousine. There was no driver but for some reason I could see into the engine compartment through a glass panel and instead of an engine was a baby in a bassinet crying his eyes out. The woman in the backseat looked very distraught and she didn't seem to care at all that we had hit her car she only seemed to be reacting to her her own situation. I knew I could not get my car out of the ditch as it was it was completely turned on its side. I decided to walk up to a friends house near there.My daughter and I began to walk and we came to the top of a hill. When I looked back down onto the road I saw a huge crew of workmen trying to free the cars in the ditch. There were giant hoists and cables and bottled jacks set up but they did not seem to be accomplishing anything. I heard a sound behind me and noticed an old man with a very glowy face. He did not look at me but was looking down at the road or the cars that had veered off. Behind him was a beautiful brand-new crane that was shiny silver. I knew instantly that he could free those cars in the ditch but he made no effort at all. Somehow I knew that he was waiting for them to come and ask him in that he would be glad to help them. The crane reminded me of a big arm but it was all silver instead. I awoke at this point.

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