Saturday, November 5, 2016


Oddly enough I had two dreams of revival coming last night November 5th 2016

This dream came after a fast in September 2016
Dream Sept 2016:
I dreamt I was in Russia and a massive revival was taking place. It looked to be like an outdoor stadium. I could hear people speaking Russian around me. People were falling down and sobbing everywhere I looked. I saw thousands of people all at once repenting and crying out to the Lord and getting healed. It was then that I noticed Jesus standing beside me. He was silent for a while and we just kept watching the move of God. He then spoke to me after a lengthy silence, “Now” I somehow new instantly that he wanted me back home and it was time for the revival in North America. I jumped for joy inside and instantly I was back. I wasn’t sure if I was in Canada or the US but I was at a massive revival I was part of. Thousand of people were in large church and we were all joining hands. People were falling everywhere and sobbing. People were getting healed and set free and were screaming with joy. Whole seating areas were piled up with bodies of people who had been slain in the spirit. I felt the power of God so strong and it was just waves of incredible love rushing through the others and me.

EJ Ouellette

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