Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Dream by EJ Ouellette of a Monster coming. from Oct 2012

I was with some friends and family in Virginia and someone (Jesus I think) came to us warning us about a monster coming that would kill us if we don’t find shelter. WE followed him to a big mountain made of solid rock. There was no entrance in the side of this. He put his hands up on the side of the rock and a door appeared. The door was about 15ft wide and 10 ft high and the rock door was at least 10ft thick. WE assembled inside and I saw it was like a Flintstone house. All the furniture was made of solid rock and the room itself was a large cavernous space hollowed out of the mountain. I felt very safe from the monster their. I looked at the man that brought us there and asked him “We should be safe from the monster here, right?” He replied, “I don’t think so. Its not enough” I was shocked when he said it and wondered what monster could be so big as even a mountain is not safe from him.
EJ Ouellette

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