Monday, August 26, 2013


Dream 13-08-26
Dreamt the GRID had been shut down. I think it was from a massive meteor strike or CME. I knew it was badly damaged and would be years before it got restored. People were in groups freaking out. They couldn’t even flush their toilets There were screaming and panicking. I stood up and started to try and calm them down. I knew since we were in Canada were surrounded by lots of natural resources like fresh water and wild game and fish. I felt like it was now like Gilligan’s Island and that we were in the pioneer days again making everything by hand. No lights, no showers no flushing toilets, no cars, no food, no refrigeration, no computers or TV, no cell phones or ipods, no radio and no heat for our homes this winter.
I woke up feeling an urgency to get ready for this.

EJ Ouellette

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