Friday, May 31, 2013

UPDATE FROM CANADA BY EJ Ouellette May 31st 2013

I haven’t talked much since I came back from The US, which was about a month ago. I wanted to see if what I was feeling would change and I might be wrong about what I feel. I was in the US for several months starting in Jan 2013 and left back to Canada around mid march. I had hoped things were different on the trip but in fact it was quite the opposite. The spiritual atmosphere in the US was nothing short of feeling like I was in the bowels of hell. The feeling never lifted and even when I fasted there was no reprieve. Although my discernment was overwhelming I felt almost no other gifting. Again, it was as before, there was no change from the last time I was there and nothing I did seemed to break through.

            When I returned to Canada it was the exact opposite. For the first time in a while I felt I could breathe. That awful feeling like I was in the bowels of hell were replaced with a wonderful constant anointing and joy filled my soul. I wondered if it was just me so I waited to respond to this obvious difference until now. I can’t get over the difference of having clarity everyday and the Lord by my side. I wonder how people survive in that place when they are there for a long time or worse yet, forever. Its unconceivable how one could survive in that place.
EJ Ouellette

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