Saturday, July 28, 2012


Recognizing Satan
I’ve always been amazed at people’s view of who Satan is. Most people view him as a pitchfork-wielding demon with a red face and horns to match. Nothing could be further from the truth. He would be so easy to spot if that were true. How do I know? Well first of all even the scriptures define him differently than that but truly my information comes first hand as I have met him personally a few times over the years and he is nothing like most people think. All the scriptures define him as an “angel of light” and a deceiver. Nothing here mentioned about horns and a scary image. In fact I have seen angels with pitchforks pushing Christians and non-Christians into the lake of fire but never Satan.

First of all he is smooth, smoother than any used car salesman.

Secondly he is likeable after all he is very handsome and a deceiver.

The best way to spot him is quite simple. He will offer you puppies and kittens, infinite cash untold power and prestige to take you away from your calling. He will steer you gently into his domain using all kinds of control and manipulation. He will make you feel great about joining him in the flames of hell and you will think nothing of it.

The voice of reason will come but most likely you wont receive it because deep down, you really do want the things of the world.

A serious heart check is needed here. He created a scary image himself so you would not recognize him as he really is. He is a great deceiver and even the image you have of him, is a deception!

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