Saturday, June 2, 2012


I was working in the audio business installing sound systems in church’s, funeral homes and other institutions. In fact I was sub contracting for the president of the “Audio Engineering Society” in Canada as he also had his own firm. We had been given a contract to re-do a major funeral home in Toronto in 1995 when this event occurred.
We had to work the graveyard shift (9pm to 9am) every night for 2 weeks completely re-doing the sound system on an old four-story mansion in Toronto. They would not close the caskets for us so but instead had to lay plastic drop-sheets over the displayed bodies as we worked. It was very creepy I might add. One evening when I came in I noticed a young boy around 10 years old in a casket. My heart broke as I saw him and the pictures of him on his hockey team with his friends and other family pictures. I started to weep knowing the incredible pain the family must be going through. Without any warning the spirit of God came on me mightily and I nearly fell to the floor. I remembered I could order this boy back to life if I wanted. I felt it was completely possible but seemed to lack any boldness that I sure could have used at that moment. Instead I said it under my breath “In the name of Jesus rise and be made whole”. I was overwhelmed at that moment that it might happen and ran out of that room. I felt terrible I reacted so badly. All night long I expected a young boy to come up behind me, tap me on the shoulder and ask for a ride home.
That day I couldn’t sleep. I was riddled with guilt knowing I could have done something but totally wimped out. I repented over and over again begging God to forgive me for not getting out of the boat. I finally fell asleep and had this dream.
I dreamed I was at another funeral home. It was a brand new place and I had been working at that home previously. I saw a black man in a casket and the family all around crying and wailing away. This time I was full of boldness as I rushed into that room, ordered that man to come back to life and he did. He sat up in his casket and the whole family fainted. I mean fell out of their chairs to the newly carpeted floor! The funeral director came running down the hall hearing the commotion and saw that man sitting in his coffin, smiling like that cat that ate the canary. And he screamed at me “YOU CANT DO THAT!” To which I replied, “I just did”.
I awoke at that point feeling somewhat relieved and Jesus immediately spoke to me “The time will come soon”.
I believe with all my heart that day is coming soon and that we are at the door. Even now I notice a new boldness in me.
EJ Ouellette

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