Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Dream 12-06-20
I dreamt that the space shuttle exploded on re-entry. We all moaned at the great tragedy. While I was looking at the wreckage on the ground President Obama showed up with a couple of SS agents. The President and I were climbing over the wreckage and I could see he was very worried. I knew, he knew it was sabotage or it was shot down. I noticed the SS agents left him alone so we started talking. He stayed very close to me and talked softly so no one else could hear. I had an overwhelming feeling that what happened was related to him and that there would be an assignation attempt on him. I told him what I was feeling and he did not seem surprised. It was then I noticed that the SS team protecting him kept leaving us out in the open. This made me really nervous as I suspected they might also be behind it. We left that scene and traveled a little into a nearby town and they same thing happened. This time Michelle Obama showed up with us and she was also suspicious of the detail leaving us in the open. I told the President that we needed to stay in buildings as much as possible to avoid any attempts on his life. He was genuinely scared for his life. He seemed really happy that he could trust me and I could see he no longer trusted anyone around him.

Part of the Fulfillment JULY13th-2012

The, Clarence Williams and Mary Pat Flaherty
Washington Post 

A Washington police officer who worked as a motorcycle escort for White House officials and other dignitaries was moved to administrative duty Wednesday after he allegedly was overheard making threatening comments toward Michelle Obama, according to several police officials.
The police department’s Internal Affairs Division is investigating the alleged comments and notified the U.S. Secret Service Wednesday, said the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to give details of the investigation.
The motorman allegedly made the comments Wednesday morning as several officers from the Special Operations Division discussed threats against the Obamas. It was not immediately clear where the alleged conversation took place or exactly how many officers took part in the conversation.
During that conversation, the officials said, the officer allegedly said he would shoot the First Lady and then used his phone to retrieve a picture of the firearm he said he would use. It was not immediately clear what type of firearm was allegedly shown.
An officer overheard the alleged threat and reported it to a police lieutenant at the Division, who immediately notified superiors, the officials said.
“We received an allegation that inappropriate comments were made. We are currently investigating the nature of those comments,” D.C. police spokeswoman Gwendolyn Crump said in an e-mail. She declined to discuss the matter further.
Police officials declined to identify the officer. Officials from the U.S. Attorney’s office declined comment.
In an interview Thursday afternoon, police union chief Kristopher Baumann said he did not have details on the matter.
There was no indication of a legitimate danger to Michelle Obama. A Secret Service spokesman declined to provide further details, saying in an email that the agency was aware of the incident and “will conduct appropriate follow-up.”
Police officials immediately reassigned the officer to other duties, the police officials said.
The police escorts the Special Operations Division performs for the First Family are dignitary escorts. Police escorts for non-dignitaries drew attention in April 2011 when District officers accompanied actor Charlie Sheen from Dulles Airport to DAR Constitution Hall when Sheen was running late to a concert.
The propriety and cost of that run — which was reimbursed by a concert organizer — was debated later at a District Council hearing and reviewed by the District’s Office of the Inspector General which concluded, among other findings, that the department needed clearer guidelines on conducting escorts.

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