Friday, May 25, 2012


May 25, 2012

Dreamt I was called in to do an exorcism at someone’s house. When I got there, there was man in a living room sitting in a chair shouting all kinds of scriptures at me. He seemed perturbed at me and all those around him seemed genuinely upset. I could see clearly that a spirit of delusion had come over him. All things he said seemed to make sense but it was all completely void of the spirit of God. He was no interested in knowing the difference and I kinda felt if I argued with him it would be like arguing with Satan himself. I decided to not respond to his insanity but instead I started casting out the spirit of delusion. Nothing happened! I did it 3 times but no avail. The people who called for me looked distraught, as they didn’t know what to do. I knew that casting out these powerful demons needed fasting for three days first, as I have done many in the past. I would never attempt this unless I had fasted first. Since they just called me I had no time and knew I would have to come back instead. It was then that I realized that this man was under Judgment like King Nebuchadnezzar and his pride had snared him. Most likely he would be under a tree for a long time growling like a dog and not in his right mind until he repented. I knew I could not help him so I left.

When I awoke it scared me that someone could be so deluded thinking they were right when they had completely missed the boat. I remembered a girl I prophesied to years ago, that unless she repented she would become like king Nebuchadnezzar and find herself under a tree barking like a dog. She was committed to an asylum almost immediately and is still there today. EJ Ouellette

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