Friday, September 9, 2011

A SERVANTS HEART from my book "The Prophetic Manual"

I once prophesied to a man that God could not use him until he learned to serve others.  He didn't like the message. I came across him years later and I saw he was serving with all his might.
Moses was known as the most humble man on earth.  Yet no prophet to this day has ever possessed the signs and wonders that Moses had in his ministry.  Your humility is directly proportional to the gifting God has given you.  If you want more, then you must die to self more.  You must strike your own bargain with the Lord and come to some terms and payment.  Be careful what you ask for, for He will demand the payment first.  After it is paid in full then He will use you in the capacity you’ve asked Him.
I am still waiting for the things I have asked for. I do know from the moment I asked Him, the payments started.  I have gone through shipwreck after shipwreck, destruction after destruction while God kills every ounce of my flesh that offends Him.  The only way to make this easy is to let Him kill every part of you.  Fighting against Him will only lengthen the process.  The idea is to get through it as quickly as you can and let Him have his way.  He is looking for the gold that hides under your flesh and He knows how to get it.  You can either fall down on the rock or have the rock fall on you, the choice is yours.  One way hurts less. - EJ Ouellette

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