Thursday, August 4, 2011


I had met someone at Church who was in a crisis and had asked me to pray. I loved to pray for other people. It was a great way of receiving a blessing. I decided to fast for three days and pray for this person’s situation.

On the third day, I was standing in heaven and found myself face-to-face with Myriads of angels. I knew instantly that each row was a myriad wide and that it was one myriad deep. The angels stood in a line in front of me in perfect rows from left to right. They all looked similar like brothers but with slight differences. They were about 9ft tall and had large wings. Their hair was long and white. The golden yellow glory was so bright I could barely see.

Suddenly two angels entered, carrying the person I was praying for back on earth. On her back was one scared demon. It had its claws imbedded deep into her. I heard the Lord behind me and to my left, say “Pray”! So, I did. I said with great authority. “I command you Satan to come off her in the name of Jesus!” Nothing happened! It embarrassed me. It was deathly quiet. I am powerless even in heaven even with the Lord standing next to me, I thought! So, again I asked the Lord. He spoke again but this time with anger, “PRAY”! It thought it might be the way I phrased it. I rearranged the words a little and shouted. “In the name of Jesus I command you to come off”! Still nothing happened!

I was looking for a place to hide. It was deathly quiet. Has the Lord has brought me here to humiliate me? I turned to the Lord again and weakly said, Lord? He shouted at me with more anger in his voice. “PRAY”!!!. Reluctantly and sheepishly, I prayed again. I said “In the name of Jesus come off her”. As fast as a flash, two huge angels jumped forward, took that demon off her back and all the angels in heaven lifted their hands straight up and cheered. Right behind me, I heard the Lord laugh!

I awoke at this point and realized that I needed to learn to keep praying and not give up. Later when I met that woman, she was changed.

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