Sunday, August 14, 2011

If you are not being persecuted then you are doing something wrong!

I once said that if you are not being persecuted then you are doing something wrong. If you are not being chased or pursued by the enemy I would question what you really are doing. You’re obviously no threat to Satan.

I was speaking at a church in Lexington Virginia and afterwards was driving north on Highway 81 to go back to Canada. I had my young daughter with me and we were eating some food in the car while driving. Suddenly I felt like something was wrong. I’ve spoken at this church many times and afterwards an attack usually takes place from the enemy. He really hates it when God uses me to set people free. On that occasion I spoke about the enemy and had a time of deliverance after. This of course should have invoked some kind of attack from the enemy. I began to question what I had done and if I’d followed God’s will. I started to repent thinking maybe I had sinned. It scared me to think that I came all the way from Canada to preach this message and I did it in the flesh and not in the spirit.
Just as I was repenting of that, a truck in the opposite lanes hit another car and began to topple end over end landing perfectly in my lane upside down. I was driving with my knee on the wheel because I was eating a burger at the time. I managed to stop the car without hitting the truck. A loud screaming was coming from the totaled truck. A man popped out from the truck while still holding his coffee in his hand. Somehow he had managed to fly end over end and across the median landing upside down on the road without letting go of his coffee. Of course I doubt there was any liquid inside, as it appeared to be all over his body. The loud screaming came from his wife who was hanging upside down by her seatbelt in her vehicle. She was obviously not amused at her husband for crashing their truck.
I felt such incredible peace. My daughter who was only five at the time looked over at me and said “What are you waiting for daddy?” I looked at her in amazement. She had the same perfect peace I did. I managed to maneuver my car around the truck and continued back to Canada. I felt satisfied at that moment knowing that the enemy tried to kill me and that I was still a threat to him.

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