Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I had been given an opportunity to pray for some church leadership members at the opening of a local church. I had a few days to prepare for it and I began to fast and pray as usual. A couple of nights before the meeting I had two vivid dreams. I assumed they were about the meeting since the people in the dreams were unfamiliar to me.

I could hear what I believe to be the pastor of the church praying to God. I could hear all of his prayers. He was mocking me by saying “Let’s see if the great Kreskin can prophesy to me”. After, I looked over and saw three women sitting on a couch and I also heard all of their prayers going up to heaven. They were crying out honestly and felt abandoned by God. When I awoke I wrote down everything I heard. Usually in these prophecies the Lord helps me to remember everything Word for Word.

The second dream was a little bit different. I later found out it was for the pastor’s wife. It showed me clearly several years of her life before they got to this point. And some of it was not that good.
I saw that when the hard times came in her life she gave up on God. I saw a road sign in the dream that read Psalm 66. I could see the Lord was putting her on a new highway. When I woke up I wrote it all down. I stuffed them in envelopes and waited for that Sunday morning.

On the way to the church the pastor who was bringing me turned around and said, “Don't forget to give everything you’ve got to these people. Don’t hold anything back”. I slumped in my seat at that point. I wasn’t sure I wanted to the give these words publicly. In fact the reason I wrote them down was just to be able to hand them to him and skip out back Jack.
It was becoming more usual for me to have dreams where I could hear people’s thoughts. Mostly I kept them to myself.

When we arrived at the church it was packed. I was a little bit nervous about my delivery. The service went on and finally they called me up to pray. I opened the envelopes and read what I had written inside. I read the first one to the pastor’s wife and she immediately fainted and fell on the hard cement floor with a loud slapping sound. Numerous people rushed to her aid but for some reason I just couldn’t stop. I just continued with my reading knowing the tape recorder was picking up everything I was saying. I read the second letter and then prayed for all the people I called up.
Afterwards there was a luncheon and for some strange reason nobody would sit at the table with me. I tried to strike up conversations but they quickly turned away and looked down at the floor. It never occurred to me that people would be so uncomfortable knowing that God could give a prophet somebody’s thoughts.

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