Saturday, August 20, 2011


Dreamt I was with a band of marauders trying to find food. We were near some large lake or ocean. All the houses were flattened everywhere I looked. It looked as if a huge bomb destroyed them or a tornado or hurricane. Some groups of people had high-powered weapons and were shooting at us because they wanted the food. I felt as if I was in some war zone. I felt we were doomed. All I could think about was finding food I was so hungry. -Joe Ouellette

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  1. December 1, 2011
    Had a new revelation tonight regarding my dreams about the Russians attacking the US unexpectedly. I was watching the movie ‘Pearl Harbor’ tonight and several things’ hit me that I hadn’t thought about before.
    1.The attack came suddenly. (On a beautiful sunny day)
    2. It came right before Christmas like most of my dreams concerning the attack on the US from Russia.
    3. In the movie, the bombs that dropped made the same sound exactly as in my dreams. After they dropped they made a loud whining sound, which was a little propeller on the back. When the propeller stopped, then the bomb exploded.


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